Running Services

Studio Blood Rose

In partnership with Crew House Studios, and a To‐be Announced studio in Muskegon, we are opening recording studios across the state and building a mobile recording studio to offer affordable music recording, mixing, mastering, and production to independent artists all over Michigan!


Our music streaming platform, Rosebud, is under re-development. It's had some major bugs, and while it is back "online", it is not functional at the moment. The beta release of Rosebud is going to fix the bugs, implement some much‐needed new features, and make Rosebud compatible with Android devices.

Commissioned Projects

She sells an amazing variety of arts and crafts! Gummy bear earrings, a bracelet with cute little bees, a tapestry of frog with a wizard hat – where else could you buy all this cool shit at once?

An in‐development online message‐based multiplayer role‐ playing game set in the gameworld of Necrotopia by Troll Hunter Gaming that will bring the authentic open‐ended gameplay of tabletop online.

Soon Launching

Crawler – The Webweaving Engine

Crawler is an in‐development software toolkit for creating websites quickly and easily! Crawler boasts a full set of features with a very simple user interface that lets Artists and HTML/CSS scripters focus on what's important.

PyDK – Python to Android Applications

PyDK is an in‐development Python Library that will allow users to write Android Applications in with Python! This only requires pip and a copy of the Android SDK are installed.