Our comprehensive recording, mixing, and mastering packages start at just $40. We can bring our recording studio to you, we work collaboratively with professional engineers across the state, and we can make record turnaround times.


We don't just bring our recording studios to the table. We can offer CDs, artwork, merchandise, music videos, and a whole lot more. We work with amazing local artists and videographers to get truly inspired music videos and physical media to compliment our releases.


We offer distribution to major platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora Radio, iTunes, and even to social platforms like TikTok and Instagram. And we get the distribution process started as soon as the master is ready so your music can get to the folks who want to hear you as quickly as possible.

Package Deals

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The Cloud R.M.A. Distro Post Full Package






Distribution** * *

CD Production


Discounted Music Videos

Starting at $30* $40* $50 t.b.d t.b.d

*Distribution to Rosebud for our R.M.A. and Cloud packages
**Distribution to major platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Pandora Radio, TikTok Music, et cetera. Specific platforms distributed to may vary.

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R.M.A. Package

Tell us what kind of accompanyment your project will need, how long your project is, and where you need to record, and we can give you an instant estimate for our R.M.A. Package

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Singer‐Songwriter – One or two instruments and vocals

Simple – Three instruments and vocals

Full‐Band – Four instruments and vocals